Six Months

I can’t believe our sweet girl is six months old! This month I took her photos in her crib. My dad built this crib about 33 years ago, when my mom was pregnant with my brother. It served as the first bed for my three siblings and myself, and it means so much to have it for my children now.
Piper has been a busy little baby this past month. She loves to hang out on the floor with her blanket and toys. In addition to rolling, she is starting to explore other ways of moving around like wiggling and scooting with her legs. Within the last couple weeks, Piper has sprouted two teeth on the bottom! This took us a bit by surprise, as she hasn’t been overly fussy, and I wasn’t expecting any teeth to show up before she turned 6 months. She is still a little wobbly when sitting up, but loves it when I sit on the floor with her to help her balance.
Piper has lost most of the dark hair she was born with, and the hair growing in now is light brown. She has such an adorably fuzzy little noggin!

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trudy manuel - May 3, 2015 - 8:15 pm

She is adorable, I love the photo’s and just want to give Piper hugs! Love and miss you!

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