Photo-a-Day // Week 8

25 February — Snow was falling on my way to PWOC (the women’s Bible study I attend each week), so I stopped in the tiny town of Hütten so I could pull the car over for a quick photo.

24 February — I was getting Piper bundled up to pick the boys up from Kindergarten, and she looked so cute sitting on our entryway bench.

23 February — Piper just recently learned how to climb the steps on the boys’ bunk bed. She loves it, but because she has no fear of the edge, we have to stand guard.

22 February — Thanks to my friend Sarah, I now have my very own kefir grains! Kefir and I are still getting acquainted, but I’m hoping it will be something we can work into our regular diets.

21 February — I put a macro filter on my lens to take this photo of the winter foliage outside our house.

20 February — The kids and I went to Nabba Dabba Doo with Sarah and her family on Saturday. At first, Caleb was completely overwhelmed, but he ended up having a great time. All three kiddos fell asleep quickly that night.

19 February — I woke up at around 2 AM. to feed Piper. When I came back to my room, I noticed that the moonlight coming in the rooftop window was quite bright. Still half asleep, I did my best to capture the moon with the silhouette of the trees.

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trudy manuel - February 27, 2016 - 8:29 pm

Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

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