Photo-a-Day // Week 45

10 November — Tomato varieties abound in most German grocery stores. We all enjoy snacking on these small cherry tomatoes, so I have been keeping a small bowl of them on the window sill in our kitchen.

9 November — Ezra & Caleb went to soccer practice for the first time! This group is for 3-6 year olds and meets once a week at a school gym in town. I think it will be perfect for the boys to learn a bit about the game. Both boys are on the right side of the photo–Ezra in an orange shirt and grey pants facing the camera, and Caleb facing away in a dark blue shirt and grey pants.

8 November — Piper likes to play peek-a-boo with the curtains in the living room.

7 November — This is one of Ezra’s memory verses from his AWANA Sparks book. We try to go over them each morning at breakfast. He memorizes about two verses each week, and is working hard to earn patches for his AWANA vest.

6 November — Jason, Piper, and I went for a walk while the boys were at AWANA at the Chapel on post. It was a cold afternoon, so we had Piper bundled up in the stroller.

5 November — Since the kids’ birthdays are so close, we decided to throw one big party for all three of them. We did a Lego party complete with colorful Lego brick cakes.

4 November — I put together these favors to hand out at the kids’ Lego party. They included a small Lego coloring book, Lego man and Lego brick crayons, and a chocolate.

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