Photo-a-Day // Week 42

 20 October — I had the amazing opportunity to fly in a UH-60 Blackhawk as a part of the Spouse Orientation Flight Program with Jason’s unit. I flew along with seven other spouses, a crew chief, a medic, and two pilots over Weiden and Regensburg. It was an incredible experience, and I’ll be posting more photos soon. Here’s a shot of Regensburg from above, with the Danube river and St. Peter’s Cathedral on the right.

19 October — After kindergarten, the kiddos and I went on a short trek through the forest near our house. Here’s a shot of the boys walking through the aspens (Piper was on my back).

18 October — We are part of a small group Bible study that meets in our neighbor’s house down the street. The dinner theme was breakfast, so I made a large plate of bacon of course. 🙂

17 October — Poor Caleb had to get three shots at his yearly checkup. Understandably, he was feeling a bit off this evening, but when I got my camera out for a photo, he made a nice pizza beard for me.

16 October — The sky was so beautiful on our drive home from AWANA, so we stopped at the airstrip behind our house to take the photo of the day. The street we live on runs parallel to the airstrip and is right behind the dark row of trees you can see here.

15 October — Dada, Caleb, Piper, and Ezra are having fun on the merry-go-round! We took a midday walk to show Jason the park we had discovered a couple weeks earlier.

14 October — When we go to the Graf house on Fridays, we usually don’t make it home before 10pm! It’s a very late night for all of us, but the community, fellowship, and Bible teaching at the Graf house are worth it. Plus, we always sleep in and take it easy Saturday morning to recover. This Friday, the moon was especially bright, so I snapped this photo as we were getting out of the car back at home.

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