Photo-a-Day // Week 38

22 September — I snuck upstairs and caught the boys looking at a book together in their room.

21 September — We went to the boys’ kindergarten for a Eltern Kennenlern-Abend, where the parents have a chance to get to know each other. Here’s a photo Jason took of Piper and I roasting a wurst wrapped in bacon, yum!

20 September — Lately, Piper likes to be well-equipped when riding in the car. This time she wanted her hat, Ezra’s sunglasses, and a book.

19 September — It was a rainy day and Piper was feeling restless indoors. I put her in her rain pants and jacket and we headed outside for a bit.

18 September — Uncle Tyler snuggling with all three little ones while watching a show.

17 September — We spent the day downtown despite the rain. On the left, Antje is looking adorable with her baby belly. On the right, Tyler & Jason are also looking adorable in the matching beanies they bought at the Jack Wolfskin store. 🙂

16 September — Piper loves bellies and belly buttons, and she was very excited about Antje’s baby bump.

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