Photo-a-Day // Days 92-98

15 April – Ezra practicing his jumping.

16 April – My parents’ dog Zoe. She follows the kids and I around from room to room throughout the day.

17 April – Ezra and Caleb playing. Caleb is getting better and better at sitting on his own.

18 April – Caleb and I napping. This is a very low quality iPhone photo, but I really wanted to capture the moment. I knew that if I moved to get my camera he would wake up.

19 April – Writing in Jason’s birthday card and enjoying a chai tea latte after lunch at the Hotel St. Michael. Thanks to a wonderful woman in the Bible study I attend, I got to spend a few hours by myself this day.

20 April – We headed to Flagstaff this day. I always pass by Mortimer’s farm on my way out of Prescott Valley. This time I decided to stop there for a quick photo.

21 April – Rachel and Justin had us over for a delicious dinner complete with brownies and ice cream for dessert. I took a quick photo while everyone was enjoying their dessert.

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Trudy Slingo-Manuel - April 24, 2013 - 3:39 pm

I love all your photo’s, Ezra & Caleb look like have fun together, and the dog “cute following you all around”. The one photo of you and Caleb sleeping is precious! Love ya,

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