Photo-a-day // days 29-35

11 February – Little icicles on the vine outside Jason’s parents’ house.

12 February – Gabbie likes to bury herself under the pillows on the couch.

13 February – I stopped at the scenic outlook on my way from Flagstaff to Prescott for this photo.

14 February – My little valentine enjoying a heart-shaped lollipop.

15 February – My dad, MiKela, Caleb, and I left early in the morning for California to pick up our VW, which was shipped from Korea. I snapped this photo at our first pitstop.

16 February – Here are a couple photos of my sweet little guy napping. We stayed the weekend with my aunt and uncle in California.  MiKela was sick all day and my grandma was (and still is) in the hospital. They are both feeling better now.

17 February – Because I was driving, I asked MiKela take a photo from the car on our way back to Arizona. The sun was just setting behind us and the desert landscape was so pretty. Good job sis!

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Trudy Slingo-Manuel - February 19, 2013 - 4:09 pm

Neat, love them all. So glad you are doing this! I enjoy all your photo’s.

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