Photo-a-Day // Week 48

1 December — I am participating in a drink advent with a group of friends. We each contributed 25 of our favorite drink and one mug. Then, we each received a new mug and 25 different drinks to enjoy through the month of December.

30 November — We picked up this cute little wood ornament last year at the Christmas market in Bayreuth. I love having an assortment of unique and meaningful ornaments on our tree.

29 November — I made a yummy turkey and veggie pot pie with our leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

28 November — Here’s a close-up shot of some frosty grass at the park in front of our house. It’s definitely cold outside, but we haven’t had any snow yet.

27 November — We set up our Christmas tree today and watched a Christmas movie.

26 November — We had an eventful Saturday! First we went on a bike ride (walk for mama & Piper) through the forest, then in the evening we went downtown to Weiden’s Christmas market.

25 November — Since Ezra’s birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year, we decided to celebrate one day later. Here he is waiting to blow out his candle as we sing happy birthday to him.

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Photo-a-Day // Week 47

24 November — Happy Thanksgiving! Here are the kiddos enjoying their plates of Thanksgiving food at the picnic table.

23 November — I put together a thankful basket for the boys’ kindergarten teachers. Part of the basket included these pumpkin chocolate chip mini loaves.

22 November — I made a new wreath for our front door. I meant for it to be a Christmas wreath, but it didn’t turn out quite festive enough. Perhaps I will add some dried red berries as an accent.

21 November — Piper loves this string of globe lights in her bedroom.

20 November — I was in Heidesheim for the weekend to visit with Tyler & Antje and photograph baby Lennard. Jason took this photo of Piper while the boys were at AWANA.

19 November — It was such a treat to travel by train to Tyler & Antje’s place, snuggle with and photograph this sweet baby boy, and enjoy the weekend with this new family of THREE.  Adorable photos from Lennard’s newborn session are coming soon!

18 November — Here’s a closeup of some new yarn I bought! I plan to knit matching hats for Piper & myself.

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Photo-a-Day // Week 46

17 November — On my last grocery shopping trip I bought a bag of five tiny avocados. Since avocados don’t keep well once they are cut open, these smaller ones have been perfect for lunches throughout the week.

16 November — I brought the little potty out of storage for Piper to get familiar with. We’re not ready to ditch the diapers just yet, but she loves being able to sit on it.

15 November — Jason took this awesome photo at the airfield with our new compact camera.

14 November — The photo on the left was taken in the morning and shows the frost on our bedroom skylight window. That same evening, Jason took this photo of the super moon.

13 November — For the past couple months, Ezra & Caleb have been doing chores and saving up to buy Legos. We took them to the store after church and they each picked this little set with their earnings. After they had finished building, Jason took this shot with our new Panasonic Lumix.

12 November — We got a new compact camera! After much research on Jason’s part, we ended up going with the Panasonic Lumix LX100 mirrorless camera.

11 November — The boys’ kindergarten had a Lichterwanderung to celebrate Martinstag or St. Martin’s Day. All the kids held lanterns they had made in class and we walked from the kindergarten to the celebration point where there was a bonfire, Leberkäse, and warm punch. If you want to read more about the holiday, click HERE.

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Photo-a-Day // Week 45

10 November – Tomato varieties abound in most German grocery stores. We all enjoy snacking on these small cherry tomatoes, so I have been keeping a small bowl of them on the window sill in our kitchen.

9 November — Ezra & Caleb went to soccer practice for the first time! This group is for 3-6 year olds and meets once a week at a school gym in town. I think it will be perfect for the boys to learn a bit about the game. Both boys are on the right side of the photo–Ezra in an orange shirt and grey pants facing the camera, and Caleb facing away in a dark blue shirt and grey pants.

8 November — Piper likes to play peek-a-boo with the curtains in the living room.

7 November — This is one of Ezra’s memory verses from his AWANA Sparks book. We try to go over them each morning at breakfast. He memorizes about two verses each week, and is working hard to earn patches for his AWANA vest.

6 November — Jason, Piper, and I went for a walk while the boys were at AWANA at the Chapel on post. It was a cold afternoon, so we had Piper bundled up in the stroller.

5 November — Since the kids’ birthdays are so close, we decided to throw one big party for all three of them. We did a Lego party complete with colorful Lego brick cakes.

4 November — I put together these favors to hand out at the kids’ Lego party. They included a small Lego coloring book, Lego man and Lego brick crayons, and a chocolate.

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Photo-a-Day // Week 44

3 November — Piper & I had a busy morning, and I was trying to postpone her nap until after we had picked up the boys from kindergarten. She didn’t quite make it and fell asleep while eating her lunch.

2 November — I made lego crayons to hand out as favors at the kids’ birthday party. They turned out cute, but it took much longer than I anticipated.

1 November — The boys had Monday off from school, so we met some friends at a small animal park in Irchenrieth. It was a perfect fall day and the kids enjoyed seeing the animals and playing at the park.

31 October — Russel & Gordon came over to play for the afternoon, and I snapped this photo while they drew with sidewalk chalk. Russell noticed me crouching down to take the photo and copied me!:-)

30 October — I had some puff pastry in the fridge, so I perused some recipes online and decided to make these cream cheese and berry pastries. They took a little extra time, but made a delicious breakfast paired with some scrambled eggs.

29 October — We had a halloween party on our street and I made these mummy hot dogs. The eyeballs are made out of little pieces of cheese and black olives. They turned out great, but again took much longer than I thought… The second photo is of the littlest ones on our street in their halloween costumes. Piper is really into Curious George right now and loved being dressed up as a monkey.

28 October — Our neighbors, Ollie, Leeland, and Greyson came over to play for the afternoon. The big boys were playing downstairs while Piper and Ollie hung out on the main floor with me.

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