Nine Months

This sweet baby girl is nine months old! Piper has had a busy month. She’s been teething like crazy, and now has eight teeth! She began clapping this month, and will do it even when she is getting fussy, which is quite ironic. She still hasn’t figured out how to crawl with her knees, but has figured out other ways to move around. She army crawls, pivots on her belly, and rolls.
Piper is doing better with solids. She likes sweet potatoes, applesauce, bananas, and avocado. She doesn’t eat very much in one sitting, but she has stopped gagging at each bite. 🙂
Piper is such a happy girl. Unless she is not feeling well, or is very hungry or tired, she is content to hang out on the floor and play with her toys. Her little toothy smile is adorable, and when she really grins, her eyes get squinty and her nose wrinkles up. I can’t believe our little cutie pie is nearing one year!

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