Four Months

Whelp, another month has flown by, and Caleb is four months old! I enjoyed taking these photos of him. He loves to interact and it’s pretty easy to get a smile out of him. A little game of peekaboo from behind my camera did the trick this time. It’s official, Caleb’s baby mohawk is gone. He was rocking it at his one month photos HERE, it was still going strong for his two months photos HERE, he was barely hanging onto it for his three month photos HERE, and it is completely gone now. With such a cute face though, who needs a baby mohawk? 🙂
Caleb has been drooling and munching on his hands constantly. I love his chub, but, goodness, those creases are hard to clean! His neck creases are so deep, and with all that drool, he started developing a rash. I now put a little lanolin on his neck after cleaning and drying it out, which seems to be helping.
Caleb is such a cuddle bug. He loves to be wrapped up in a soft blanket with his paci and rocked to sleep. He has started waking up twice at night, which I am not a big fan of, but still goes back down without a fuss once I feed him. Looking back, I just can’t believe how quickly my little guy grew out of the newborn stage. Before I know it he’ll be rolling over, and then crawling around shortly after that!

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