Ezra – Two Years

Ezra turned TWO yesterday and I can’t believe it. Our little guy has grown and changed so much within the last year. It has been fun to watch his personality emerge as he grows older and learns to communicate. Just like his dada, he likes to figure out how things work. He loves any item with moving parts and has recently developed a love for Legos. He likes to give us hugs and kisses and will say “love you” to us out of the blue. His best bud is Luca, the 4 1/2 month old son of our friends here in Korea. He asks for him multiple times each day and is very excited when we tell him that we are going to go see Luca. Ezra loves wearing hats, and has built up quite a collection of them. He is also becoming particular about his clothing. Some days when I pick a shirt out for him, he’ll shake his head, open the drawer, and find something he’d rather wear. He still uses his “mimi” (pacifier) for naps and nighttime, and loves his blanket to be tucked in tight. He is beginning to take an interest in his baby brother, and I cannot wait to watch them play together when Caleb is a bit older. While it is apparent at times that Ezra has reached the “terrible twos” stage, he really is such a sweet boy. We thank God daily for blessing us with him and hug him tight each night.
Happy birthday big boy – we love you!!

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chloe - November 26, 2012 - 12:33 am

Oh my goodness, Danielle! He is SO cute, and incredibly lucky to have a professional photographer for a mom! You did such a great job with these. As always…wish we were closer!
Miss you,

Grandma Stephens - November 26, 2012 - 12:52 am

Thank you for the great pictures of 2 year old Ezra. I’ve been waiting for them.
Do you have a date for returning to the states?
How long do you plan to be in Arizona? I hope I will be able to see you when you are here. I want to be able to see Caleb and give Ezra, Jason and Danielle hugs.
Grandma S.

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