Eleven Months

Who is this big boy?! In just one month, Caleb will be a year old. Our photo session this month was a quick one. We walked a few houses down in our neighborhood to this pretty little spot. The mosquitos were out in full force and there were a few anthills nearby, so we did not stay long. Jason jumped around behind me and made some noise to get Caleb smiling.
Our little guy now has five teeth – two on the bottom and three on top. I call the third tooth on top his snaggletooth. It is hanging out to the right of his two front teeth, and is just so cute. Caleb is still in no hurry to start walking. When I try to set him on his feet, he’ll hold his legs up so he can sit instead. Overall, he has a very easy-going personality. He is such a sweet little guy too. He likes to snuggle and loves to be held.
He is still very serious about eating, and will get pretty upset if he can see the food, but we aren’t feeding it to him just yet. This is often the case when we are moving our meal to the table and he is waiting in his highchair. Thankfully, Cheerios do a great job of keeping him occupied and content.
The months have been flying by. I really do not feel like it has been almost a year since he was born that early morning on September 30th.

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