Eleven Months

This girl. I don’t even know how so much cuteness can be contained in such a tiny person! Her personality is really starting to stand out. She is curious, but very cautious around other people. She loves to explore, but likes to keep mama in sight. Her smiles fill up her whole face, but she doesn’t give them out too easily. (With the exception of her brothers. When they simply say hi to her, she will give them the biggest smiles.) I gave her some good belly tickles to get the big smiles in these photos.
She has been pulling to stand next to many things in the house like the couch, coffee table, chairs, and some of the shelves. She pulled up to stand by the bath tub while the boys were bathing the other night. She was happy to hang out there and watch them splash and play.
She has lost most of her reservations about solid foods, and is eager to try new things now. She loves when we give her half of a banana to hold by herself and eat. Apple slices and carrot sticks are other favorites of hers, but we have to watch her with those because she will fill her mouth up with little bits like a chipmunk!
Now that the boys are in school, Piper and I get some alone time each weekday. She is my little buddy, and I love having a bit of quiet time with just her. She gives sweet little kisses most times when I ask, and has started to wave. We are so thankful for this sweet almost-one-year-old!

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Evogene Stephens - September 27, 2015 - 9:13 pm

Thank you for these precious pictures.
She is so sweet.
Grandma S.

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