Cinque Terre

During our time in Pisa visiting the Alvis family (previous post on that HERE) we took a day trip to beautiful Cinque Terre. This rugged coastline in Italy is made up of five small villages. The colorful homes of each village are nestled together right along the cliffs and steep hills of the coast. It really is an amazing sight. We took a train from Pisa to Monterosso, which is the northernmost of the villages, and then hiked to the neighboring village of Vernazza. The hike was about 3.5 kilometers total. With little ones in tow and the hot, sunny weather, it was a lot tougher than we imagined. The hike, which takes most people about 2 hours to complete, took us around 4 hours! I carried Piper in the Beco carrier and Jason carried Caleb in the Deuter. Jewel was amazing and helped Ezra by holding his hand, talking to him, and even carrying him quite a bit! We really could not have done it without the Alvis family’s help.
When we finally arrived at Vernazza, we stopped for some delicious gelato. After Vernazza, we rode the train to the next village of Corniglia, where we took a bus from the train station up the hill to a lovely little Italian restaurant. We ordered pizza, but then realized that the last bus back to the train station was leaving very soon, so we took our food to go and headed back to the train station. We rode the train to the fourth village of Manarola, where we walked into town and enjoyed our pizza as some dark clouds moved in and it started to drizzle. Suddenly, the rain really started coming down, so we ran for cover while we finished eating. We walked back to the train station as it was getting dark and rode the train back to Pisa. It was an exhaustingly wonderful day!

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