Monthly Archives: May 2013

Photo-a-Day // Photos 113-119

6 May – I spotted this quail hanging out on the neighbor’s roof while in my room. He was up there for quite a while so I grabbed my telephoto lens and snapped a few photos of him. Those are the mountains in the background. 7 May – Dandelions are generally undesireable, but make a […]

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Photo-a-Day // Photos 106-112

29 April – Ezra having fun with his train whistle, while Caleb looks on. 30 April – Caleb is seven months old! 1 May – Zoe watches intently as Caleb enjoys a rice rusk. She was rewarded with a few crumbs that fell to the floor. 2 May – Ezra enjoying a yummy fudge bar […]

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Seven Months

Wow, our baby boy is already 7 months old! Caleb has changed a lot this past month. A couple weeks ago, his two bottom teeth poked through within a day of each other. Since then, he has been sticking his tongue out a lot. I think he likes to feel them. His blonde hair is […]

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