Photo-a-Day // Week 34

25 August — These pretty little flowers grew up through the cracks in our patio.

24 August — Piper watching dad mow the lawn.

23 August — Legos truly are amazing. The boys play with them multiple times each day, and they put together some really neat Lego creations.

22 August — Jason took this photo of the Alps on our flight back from Mallorca.

21 August — Jason took this one too, while we ate lunch along the boardwalk in Can Picafort.

20 August — After dinner, we went for a walk along the shore. It is my favorite thing to do at the beach, because it brings back memories of the walks my family went on in Hawaii when I was around Ezra’s age.

19 August — Mallorca bound! We dropped off the kiddos at Uncle Tyler’s & Tante Antje’s place, and Jason snapped this shot while we were waiting for our train to the airport.

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Photo-a-Day // Week 33

18 August — My Thai basil loves its nice sunny spot by the front door.

17 August — All three kiddos looked at books for a while before bedtime.

16 August — We met the Walker family at the Weiden Volksfest. The first photo is me taking a sip of Jason’s Maß of beer (1 liter’s worth!) The second photo is of Aaron and Caleb on one of the rides. You can see Ezra in the background.

15 August — A pretty little sunset, seen from our bedroom window.

14 August — It was a gorgeous day, so Piper and I joined the boys outside after dinner. Caleb proudly showed me that he can now swing all by himself!

13 August — Caleb & Ezra are all cleaned up after getting haircuts and a bath.

12 August — This was the last day of VBS. Here is Caleb dressed up in his Egyptian costume.

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Photo-a-Day // Week 32

11 August — The kiddos slept in this morning, which meant I got to finish my workout early.

10 August — After a busy day, and the first signs of a sore throat, there’s nothing like a warm cup of chamomile tea with honey.

9 August — Piper enjoying some Peppa Pig on the picnic table.:-)

8 August — This was the first day of vacation bible school for the boys. I volunteered to help with snacks, and was able to sneak into the chapel after cleaning up to take this photo.

7 August — I did some last minute sewing to put together my costume for vacation bible school. This year, it was all about Joseph in Egypt, so I made a simple robe out of an old sheet.

6 August — We went to the Walker’s house for a lovely BBQ. In the first photo, the dads are playing soccer with the kiddos. The next photo is of the gorgeous pudding cups that Yvonne made for us to enjoy.

5 August — Jason & I celebrated 10 years of marriage!!! Thanks to our babysitter we were able to get a photo of the two of us before we headed out to a yummy dinner.

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Photo-a-Day // Week 31

4 August — The kiddos were playing in the pool and Piper was getting cold, so I wrapped her up in her towel.

3 August — Caleb looking at one of the books we checked out from the library.

2 August — Ezra & Caleb heard the trash truck as they were getting ready for school, and had to run to the window to watch it.

1 August — Piper was watching me chop veggies up for dinner. I looked over at her and she was chomping on the cucumber!

31 July — I used my pressure cooker to cook some chicken thighs and wild rice for dinner.

30 July — We went blueberry picking!

29 July — Jason had a training mission, and we got to see him land at the clinic on post. It was really neat to see him fly!

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Photo-a-Day // Week 30

28 July — Piper & I went for a walk and discovered some blackberry bushes growing along the street.

27 July — Piper woke up with a slight fever, so we snuggled up on the couch and watched Curious George.

26 July — The butterflies love these purple flowers in front of our house.

25 July — This is often what my kitchen looks like after a busy day. :-0

24 July — Piper fresh from the bath.

23 July — Piper enjoying some frothy milk with honey.

22 July — I made some M&M chocolate chip cookies for the small group/Bible study we go to.

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