Kinderbürgerfest & Tohuwabohu

The day after our trip to the Flossenbürg castle ruins, we headed to downtown Weiden for the Children’s Festival. The boys enjoyed playing on the bouncy castle and dinosaur, especially Caleb. He climbed up into the dinosaur’s mouth and did a somersault down each time! Then, the boys got their faces painted. Meanwhile, baby Piper hung out in the stroller.
The last three photos show Ezra & Caleb wearing the cute shirts they made at their kindergarten, Tohuwabohu.


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Burgruine Flossenbürg

Hey all! It has been a long time. I have decided it is high time that I work through the significant back-up of photos I have stored on my computer. So, get ready for some throwback posts! Here is the first (and oldest) in the lineup. These photos are from our day trip to the Flossenbürg castle ruins in July of 2015. Tyler & Antje were visiting for the weekend, and this was during MiKela’s three month stay with us. It would have been ideal to get these photos posted, say, TWO YEARS AGO, but on the other hand, it is fun to look back on how itty-bitty the kiddos were.
Flossenbürg castle dates back to the year 1100, when it was founded by Count Berengar von Sulzbach. Over the centuries, the castle’s owner changed many times. In 1634, during the Thirty Years’ War, the castle and surrounding land was set on fire and never repaired. I took the first photo below at the top of the castle ruins, which sits 745 meters above sea level.


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Paris in Summer

Now that my photo-a-day series is over, I am focusing on all of my neglected travel photos from the last year and a half. Here are photos from our weekend in Paris in August, 2015.  Thanks to Tyler & Antje, who watched the boys for us, Jason, MiKela, Piper, and I drove to Paris for a three day/two night trip. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time. This trip doesn’t feel like it is 1 1/2 years behind us, but when I see how tiny Piper was and how much my hair has grown, well there’s no arguing.

-Eiffel Tower-
We took a combination of stairs and the lift to get up to the first and second levels of the tower. It was neat to see the view of the city from up there.

The sun was just beginning to set when we arrived at this famous avenue. We walked around and looked for a place to eat dinner. After dinner, we walked around a bit more and waited for the blinking lights of the Eiffel Tower to turn on.

-The Catacombs-
We waited a good two hours to get into the Catacombs. MiKela kept our spot in line while Jason, Piper, and I sat outside at a nearby cafe. Jason then took a turn in line, while MiKela and I walked around a bit and then grabbed lunch for us all. I’m glad we decided to wait out the line, because the Catacombs were quite the experience!

-Notre Dame-
The line here was enormous as well, so we decided to just walk around the cathedral and enjoy it from the outside.

-The Louvre-
We didn’t have time to explore this massive museum, but we enjoyed walking through the courtyard.

-Chez Mademoiselle-
This photo is from MiKela’s phone. We got all dressed up to go out to dinner, but the first two places we walked to were closed! Apparently, it was a popular vacation time for the particular Arrondissement that we were in. However, the third place we walked into turned out to be amazing. Chez Mademoiselle is a quaint restaurant that prepares dishes from Kazakhstan and Russia. We were served by the owner himself and we asked him to choose our meals and wine. We loved the dishes he picked for us and followed it up with a yummy dessert.

Once again, super long lines meant we did not go inside the Palace of Versailles. However, we bought tickets to see the gardens behind the palace, which were beautiful and massive.

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Photo-a-Day // Week 52

31 December — I couldn’t resist playing around with the shadows on this sunny afternoon, and Caleb was a willing subject.

30 December — Kimchi making time! Here I am cutting daikon radish for a new batch of kimchi.

29 December — While we still haven’t had any snow around here, we have been getting some neat-looking frost.

28 December — We opened more presents today after they came in the mail from the grandparents. I lit the center candle of our advent wreath one last time for the season and took this fun photo of it in front of the Christmas tree.

27 December — The boys received their Kiwi Crates in the mail from Grandma Debs and Papa Craig. They were super excited and had fun making grabber claws with yarn pom poms.

26 December — I came down with strep throat on the 24th, so we ended up staying home for Christmas Eve and the days following. It was time to get some fresh air, so we headed to the park in front of our house and MiKela & Joe played tag with the boys. I snapped these photos of the fun.

25 December — Merry Christmas! Jason took this photo of the boys putting together their Star Wars Lego sets from Joe. Even though they had more presents to open, they wanted to work on their new Legos first.

24 December — This evening, we all gathered on the couch around the wreath for a special Christmas Eve advent.

23 December — Yum, yum! MiKela and I made sugar cookies, that we decorated with the kids on Christmas Eve.

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Photo-a-Day // Week 51

22 December — We went downtown to the Beanery, our favorite coffee shop in Weiden. Afterwards, I snapped this photo of Joe & MiKela.

21 December — MiKela & Joe made us all a delicious chicken alfredo dinner complete with roasted broccoli and bread.

20 December — We managed to get a photo of Caleb, Ezra, Piper, and baby Lennard in front of the Christmas tree at Tyler’s & Antje’s house. The photo on the right is of sweet baby Lenny sleeping soundly in his stroller bassinet.

19 December — We took the kids on a carousel ride at the Christmas market in Mainz. Here’s a photo of Caleb ringing the bells on his horse. The red scab on his nose is from a fall he had on our way to the soccer game in Mainz two days earlier.

18 December — I took this photo at the Christmas market in Ingelheim, near Tyler’s & Antje’s house.

17 December — Tyler, Jason, and I took MiKela, Joe, Ezra, & Caleb to their first German soccer game. We had a great time and Mainz beat Hamburg 3-1.

16 December — We found these two big guys at the Christmas market in Guteneck. This photo doesn’t do them justice. We stood there for a good ten minutes watching them make hilarious faces and noises, followed by perfect “blue steel” stares.

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