Photo-a-Day // Week 41

13 October — This sweet girl fell asleep on the floor while I was doing my workout.

12 October — I got this cute basket for Piper while in Poland and she filled it with her colorful counting bears.

11 October — Caleb & Ezra took turns filling out a page each in their classmate’s Kindergarten Freundebuch, or friends book.

10 October — Piper snuggling with dada on the couch.

9 October – Sarah, Christina, and I went on an overnight trip to Poland for some pottery shopping. Here are a few of the pieces I bought.

8 October — We stopped in the adorable town of Bautzen for lunch on our way back home.

7 October — Our first stop in Poland was the Manufaktura factory, where we went on a tour. It was amazing to see the workers so carefully hand-stamping and painting each piece.

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Photo-a-Day // Week 40

6 October — Piper & I took a selfie to send to dada while he was away on duty.

5 October — Piper looking cute in her new jacket.

4 October — Caleb got this chef outfit for his birthday from Grandma D and Papa D.

3 October — We spent a fun morning at the Holcomb’s house and Piper fell asleep on the way home. She was so tuckered that she didn’t even wake up when I brought her to her room.

2 October — Ezra and his friends Leeland & Greyson are all ready for crazy hair day at AWANA.

1 October — Poor Caleb got sick the day after his birthday. He was feeling much better the next day.

30 September – Happy 4th birthday Caleb! Here he is blowing out the candle on his birthday breakfast waffles.

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A Day in Prague

These photos are from MiKela’s trip here last summer. We took a day trip to the lovely city of Prague. The day involved a lot of walking, and the kiddos were troopers. And, speaking of the kiddos, I can’t believe how little Ezra & Caleb look here! Paris photos are coming up next!!

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Photo-a-Day // Week 39

29 September — My colorful lunch!

28 September — Activewear! I snapped this selfie after my workout for the day.

27 September — Ezra & his friend (and neighbor!) Greyson looking at a Lego instruction booklet together.

26 September — Jason, Piper, and I went on a day date to the town of Kallmünz, near Regensburg. We walked up the hill to the castle ruins and then back into the town for coffee and pastries.

25 September — Here are the boys wearing their AWANA vests, and a cute shot of Piper to go along.

24 September — We promised the kiddos some ice cream after our family photo session. It was Piper’s first time to get her very own cone, and she finished about half of it.

23 September — Jason took these shots of Piper and Caleb on the swings in front of our house. They both love swinging!

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Photo-a-Day // Week 38

22 September — I snuck upstairs and caught the boys looking at a book together in their room.

21 September — We went to the boys’ kindergarten for a Eltern Kennenlern-Abend, where the parents have a chance to get to know each other. Here’s a photo Jason took of Piper and I roasting a wurst wrapped in bacon, yum!

20 September — Lately, Piper likes to be well-equipped when riding in the car. This time she wanted her hat, Ezra’s sunglasses, and a book.

19 September — It was a rainy day and Piper was feeling restless indoors. I put her in her rain pants and jacket and we headed outside for a bit.

18 September — Uncle Tyler snuggling with all three little ones while watching a show.

17 September — We spent the day downtown despite the rain. On the left, Antje is looking adorable with her baby belly. On the right, Tyler & Jason are also looking adorable in the matching beanies they bought at the Jack Wolfskin store.:-)

16 September — Piper loves bellies and belly buttons, and she was very excited about Antje’s baby bump.

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