Photo-a-Day // Week 38

22 September — I snuck upstairs and caught the boys looking at a book together in their room.

21 September — We went to the boys’ kindergarten for a Eltern Kennenlern-Abend, where the parents have a chance to get to know each other. Here’s a photo Jason took of Piper and I roasting a wurst wrapped in bacon, yum!

20 September — Lately, Piper likes to be well-equipped when riding in the car. This time she wanted her hat, Ezra’s sunglasses, and a book.

19 September — It was a rainy day and Piper was feeling restless indoors. I put her in her rain pants and jacket and we headed outside for a bit.

18 September — Uncle Tyler snuggling with all three little ones while watching a show.

17 September — We spent the day downtown despite the rain. On the left, Antje is looking adorable with her baby belly. On the right, Tyler & Jason are also looking adorable in the matching beanies they bought at the Jack Wolfskin store.:-)

16 September — Piper loves bellies and belly buttons, and she was very excited about Antje’s baby bump.

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Photo-a-Day // Week 37

15 September — Piper showing off her Minion band-aid after falling and scraping her knee at Gordon & Russel’s house.

14 September — In-the-car selfie after getting my hair done!

13 September — Jason got home just as the boys were getting into bed, so he read the Bible story and did prayers with them.

12 September — During these first couple weeks of September, we have had unseasonably warm weather. The kiddos enjoyed playing in the kiddie pools after school.

11 September — Our church service was held at the park today. The weather was perfect for it!

10 September — Our neighbor gave us a bunch of apples from her tree, so Jason & I baked an apple pie.

9 September — Date night! Here’s a quick photo of Jason and I on our way to dinner in downtown Weiden.

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Photo-a-Day // Week 36

8 September — When dada is away on duty for the week, I tend to keep dinners simple…happy kiddos, sane mama!

7 September — Piper and I went for a morning run to the small airfield near our house.

6 September — All three kiddos had fevers separately this past week. These yummy coconut water popsicles with blueberry and nectarine came in handy.

5 September — Caleb found some snail buddies at the end of our street.

4 September — Piper and I snuggled and played on the couch this afternoon for a good 1/2 hour.

3 September – Aaron, Caleb, Piper, and Ezra taking a juice break while playing at the Holzweg near Eschenbach. The Holzweg is a path through the forest with stations for the kids to play at and enjoy.

2 September — Piper testing out the water at the Manteler Weiher, a small lake in a town nearby us.

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Photo-a-Day // Week 35

1 September – Sadly, the pretty flowers I planted in July didn’t make it long under my care. I was terrible at watering them each day, and the backyard gets some serious sunlight in the afternoons. So, Piper and I went to the garden store and bought some plants that love lots of sun and do not require daily watering.

31 August – I watched my neighbor’s kiddos for a couple hours and it was fun to see Piper and Ollie together. Here, they are scheming ways to get past the gate so they can play upstairs with Ollie’s big brothers and the Legos.

30 August — Jason texted me this photo and hilarious caption from his flight:
“Here we see a Blackhawk in its natural environment as it feeds on the fresh grass. You’ll notice how peaceful she looks. Please take care not to disturb her as Blackhawks are known for their bad temper when interrupted while eating.”

29 August — My friend Sarah has a large plum harvest in her yard this year, so I am glad to do my part in consuming them. The jam is delicious!

28 August — Our small street of houses held a back to school BBQ, complete with a chalk photo spot, bounce house, and badminton. It was a lot of fun!

27 August — Jason snapped this photo of Piper and I at the Schwimmbad, or pool, here in Weiden. This Schwimmbad, called the Schätzlerbad, includes several pools, three small lakes, a water & sand play area, a restaurant, playgrounds, sport areas, and even camping spots!

26 August — Piper is always fascinated when she sees me with my glasses on, so I thought I’d let her try them on.

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Photo-a-Day // Week 34

25 August — These pretty little flowers grew up through the cracks in our patio.

24 August — Piper watching dad mow the lawn.

23 August — Legos truly are amazing. The boys play with them multiple times each day, and they put together some really neat Lego creations.

22 August — Jason took this photo of the Alps on our flight back from Mallorca.

21 August — Jason took this one too, while we ate lunch along the boardwalk in Can Picafort.

20 August — After dinner, we went for a walk along the shore. It is my favorite thing to do at the beach, because it brings back memories of the walks my family went on in Hawaii when I was around Ezra’s age.

19 August — Mallorca bound! We dropped off the kiddos at Uncle Tyler’s & Tante Antje’s place, and Jason snapped this shot while we were waiting for our train to the airport.

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